How to Buy Medicine Online in Malaysia for Your Clinic

How to Buy Medicine Online in Malaysia for Your Clinic

The advancements in information and communication technology (ICT) have presented the healthcare industry with opportunities to buy medicine and supplies online. This breakthrough enhances the overall efficiency and quality of healthcare services in Malaysia.

Pharmaceutical product manufacturers and distributors have a growing online presence in Malaysia. This has benefited clinics and hospitals primarily as procuring medical supplies, has become much easier. Without further ado, here is a guide on how to make purchases online for your clinic in Malaysia.

Buy Medicine Online

1. Finding the Best Supplier in Malaysia

Firstly, you need to find a trustworthy certified supplier that offers a wide range of authentic products at a reasonable price.

When searching for a supplier, consider their prices, terms of business, shipping and return policies, reputation, and other relevant information.

2. Set Up An Account with Your Supplier

The next step is to register with your supplier, which you can do through an online form or sign-up page.

You will have to provide relevant details, such as a copy of your Annual Practising Certificate (APC) and identity card, healthcare facility details, business registration number, and a copy of the Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) company profile.

3. Buying Medicine and Supplies Online for Your Facility

Buy Medicine and Supplies Online for Your Facility

After your application has been approved, you can begin buying medicine online for your clinic in Malaysia. You will be able to browse through their product catalogue online, which should list all product features and specifications.

Then, order the medical supplies your clinic requires. If you can’t find a specific product, some suppliers offer the option to request it. They will then make the product available when they receive a sufficient number of requests for it.

You should also be aware of their payment policy. Some suppliers operate on a cash before delivery service where products are only delivered once full payment has been made. You may also have the option of applying for a credit limit, which will take some time to be approved.

4. Shipping and Return of Products

Shipping and Return of Products

Now, you simply have to wait for the delivery! You should be able to track your delivery with a tracking number or through your supplier’s portal.

In case you receive any defected, wrong or missing items, contact your supplier within the period stipulated in your agreement.

We hope this article has treated you well. This process is extremely convenient and comes with multiple benefits: better communication with suppliers, faster transactions, higher flexibility, availability of real-time information on products, and lower costs.

If you want to buy medicine online for your clinic and are looking for the right supplier, why not go with Mayflax? Mayflax is a pharmaceutical wholesaler with over 25 years of experience, promising a convenient ordering process with quick and timely delivery. Find out more on our website!

Choosing Pharmaceutical Products for Clinics and Hospitals

Choosing Pharmaceutical Products for Clinics and Hospitals

To ensure your patients receive proper medical care, you must stock up your healthcare facility with the right type of pharmaceutical products in sufficient quantities.

However, this process can be complicated and incur high costs when not carried out systematically. Here are the factors you should consider when choosing products for your clinic or hospital.

1. Legal requirements

Legal requirements

To obtain drug supplies from manufacturers and wholesalers for your facility, you first need to have an Annual Practicing Certificate (APC) as stated in the Poisons Act 1952. You will also need to renew your APC annually.

2. Choosing the Right Pharmaceutical Products Supplier

Choosing the Right Pharmaceutical Products Supplier

Did you know that the cost of pharmaceutical products is the second-highest after staff costs in any given country’s healthcare system?

Besides that, the public has voiced their disapproval regarding private facilities known to overcharge for products. This has led to the public purchasing directly from pharmacies and companies sourcing from pharmacies to reduce staff medical benefit costs.

Therefore, researching and finding a supplier committed to providing reasonably-priced and high-quality products is critical. This way, you will be able to offer affordable services to your patients. Make sure to consider the supplier’s prices, shipping policy, dependability, return policy, drug quality and reputation.

3. Types and Quantities of Pharmaceutical Products

Types and Quantities of Pharmaceutical Products

The next question is: what products should you procure, and in what quantities? Equipping your facility with the right products and amount to meet your patients’ needs and avoid wastage is crucial.

Firstly, your facility should have sufficient quantities of essential drugs (basic medicines that meet the population’s healthcare needs) at all times. These products are listed on Malaysia’s National Essential Medicine List (NEML).

The NEML currently consists of 359 medicines. Ideally, a hospital should have 150-200 medication on hand, while smaller facilities need around 40-50 medications.

You will also need to carry out quantification to estimate the demand for specific products during a certain period. To quantify accurately, you will need information from the essential medicines list, consumption data, epidemiological data, prescription patterns, stock levels, stock-out frequencies, and length of procurement cycles.

4. Storing Pharmaceutical Products

Storing Pharmaceutical Products

Before purchasing pharmaceutical products, you need to ensure your facility has the right storage conditions for every product.

Besides, you will have to maintain proper segregation, temperature, lighting, humidity, sanitation, and ventilation levels. Additionally, you must keep dangerous drugs and psychotropic substances under lock and key with an alarm system.

These measures are vital to avoid contamination, disfiguration of labels, theft and loss, and pest infestation and maintain the product quality or potency.

Lastly, you should monitor and take note of each product’s expiry date regularly. Moreover, implementing a FEFO (First To Expire First Out) policy can help avoid wastage.

If you’re looking to procure pharmaceutical products for your facility, Mayflax can help you. Mayflax is a one-stop pharmaceutical wholesaler that provides over 2,000 quality pharmaceutical products to healthcare professionals at low prices. Find out more about them here.

How to Set up a Medical Clinic in Malaysia

How to Set up a Medical Clinic in Malaysia

After years of experience in hospitals and long working hours, are you ready to set up a medical clinic in Malaysia you can call your own?

With overcrowding being a persistent problem in the public healthcare system, Malaysians started favouring private healthcare since they provide more advanced facilities and better medical care. So, setting up a clinic would be a sensible choice.

Due to the surge in demand for private healthcare, the Private Healthcare Facilities and Services Act 1998 and Regulations 2006 was formed. It constitutes a private clinic as one that is built on a non-government premise with intentions to practice medicine and treat outpatients.


It defines treatment as:

  1. Identification, diagnosis, and treatment of a patient suffering from any physical or mental ailment
  2. Preventive or promotive healthcare
  3. To provide the patient relief from any physical or mental abnormal condition prevailing in them

Hence, the Act helped to simplify the licensing and incorporation process for private healthcare services in Malaysia.

The Malaysian healthcare system is a two-tier organisation – Public Universal healthcare and Private healthcare. The Ministry of Health regulates and monitors the latter whereas, the Licensing Unit of Ministry issues licenses to clinics, private hospitals, nursing homes, and maternity homes.

A Guide on How to Set Up a Medical Clinic in Malaysia

Guide on How to Set Up a Medical Clinic

Location Selection

  • When selecting a location, consider and research:
    1. The demographic and their financial status.
    2. The population density.
    3. Residential or commercial are, as somewhere with sufficient parking is ideal.
    4. Are there other clinics in the vicinity? Because you might want to avoid too much competition.
  • Renting or owning a building is necessary.
  • If you are renting, be prepared for at least three months’ worth of rent and a well-written and reviewed rental agreement.
  • The Private Healthcare Facilities and Services Act 1998 and Regulations 2006 require you to register with your respective state. The state office may accept your application after you pay a processing fee and meet all requirements. They will then issue a Letter of No Objection, permitting you to begin your clinic’s interior renovation and furnishing.

Preparing Your Medical Clinic

  • As stipulated in ACT 586, you are required to draw up your clinic’s floor plan with a contractor. Be sure to include a room list and the measurements for treatment rooms, consultation rooms, etc.
  • Amend your APC (Annual Practicing Certificate) at the Ministry of Health to include your new clinic address. The Medical Act 1971 states that medical practitioners must register with the MMC and apply for the APC every year.
  • Then, you need to obtain a license for clinic advertisement from your local council or Kuala Lumpur City Hall. The processing time is approximately two months.
  • Using your APC, open an account with manufacturing companies and place your drug supply orders.
  • Moreover, complete your staff’s EPF and SOCSO accounts beforehand.
  • Additionally, installing an x-ray machine will require a specific license.
  • Register with the Companies Commission of Malaysia under the Registration of Business Act 1956. Foreign companies will need to incorporate their company under the Companies Act 2016 to set up a private practice in Malaysia.

Once everything is in place, you are ready to open a medical clinic!

Look no further for a pharmaceutical supplier. Mayflax has over 25 years of experience in the field, so register with us and gain access to over 2000 products at affordable prices. We carry brands ranging from Pfizer to Novartis. Make your order and your delivery is on their way!

Please contact us for any inquiries.

Digital Marketing for Doctors: Tips to Improve Profitability

Digital Marketing for Doctors

Digital marketing for doctors may not take precedence when lives are at stake. But with the influx of internet users today, medical professionals will do well to leverage digital tactics in their overall marketing strategy.

Although doctors are abundant around us, it would be lax in assuming that patients are aware of them. What’s more, only 4.3% of doctors and physicians utilise digital marketing during self-promotion. The numbers speak for themselves.

Modern practices can expand their reach and establish trust with potential patients online when done right. This entails thorough research and proper planning so that campaigns will be optimised for maximum results. 

Fortunately, we’ve compiled a few tips to help you bring these strategies to fruition and, in turn, improve profitability.

1.Google Yourself

Google Yourself

Before breaking out the material, it won’t hurt to google yourself, see where you stand online or how your practice appears to consumers. Medical professionals may work heavily on referrals, but researching businesses online before making any commitments has become a norm.

Taking a look at your online presence from a third party’s perspective can help you build the right strategy more effectively.

2.Easy-to-Navigate Website


The foundation of any online presence is, arguably, an easy-to-navigate website. Ensure that readers can find solicited answers quickly, whether it’s about medical conditions, booking an appointment or even informative blog posts.

Provide the exact address of your clinic as well as contact information. You can even include a live chat option for a more personal touch, as it will distinguish your website from the rest.

3.Engage Social Media

Engage Social Media

Medical professionals often underestimate the power of social media. However, the phrase ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’ hasn’t rung more true.

Facebook is a hassle-free platform where doctors can share information, clinic updates, and industry-specific articles with patients. After all, 60% of users are likely to trust social media posts by doctors over other groups.

4.Produce Videos


Film-making is probably the last thing on any doctor’s mind due to their hectic work schedules. Nonetheless, creating engaging and informative videos can help elevate your reputation as an experienced practitioner.

Attention spans aren’t what they used to be, and audiences are increasingly gravitating towards visual content. Surgeons can discuss their expertise and also bestow advice to audiences for prevalent issues.

5.Manage Both Business and Practitioner Listings

Business and Practitioner Listings

Ensuring that your Google listings are claimed and verified for business and practitioner listings will help patients find you easier. If you’re not managing them both well, your online presence may come across as inconsistent.

You don’t want patients to receive false information when trying to reach you.

6.Encourage Patient Reviews

patient reviews

Nothing sparks trust quite like positive feedback from others. People typically ask about certain doctors before visiting them. So, by collecting reviews and including them on your website, prospects can read them and feel assured in their decision.

In this age, digital marketing for doctors is a must. Keep in mind to use social media to educate and create a unique brand voice, subsequently creating demand for your service. 

We understand that your time is always stretched thin, which is why Mayflax aims to alleviate your load of dealing with multiple suppliers for your pharmaceutical needs. Find out more about our services and make the smart move for your practice!

Becoming a Panel Clinic and How Empanelment Works

Becoming a Panel Clinic and How Empanelment Works

“Panel Clinic’ refers to a clinic in agreement with a third-party administrator (TPA) for providing cashless treatment. Only the panel clinic network offers a cashless facility, which means patients can walk into any listed practice across Malaysia and get treated without paying upfront personally then claiming from the company after.

Panel Clinic and How Empanelment Works

What is a TPA?

A third-party administrator is an organisation that manages a panel clinic’s healthcare claims, whether it is processing patients’ insurance claims or certain facets of employee benefit plans for a separate entity.

Fundamentally, we can consider this outsourcing the administration of claims processing. 

Did you know that a good 60% of business clinics are engaged under these corporate panel clients? Non-panel clinics that have not agreed to the TPA terms and conditions cannot cover members seeking treatment. Thus, patients will have to pay for the treatment and later claim as per the usual procedure.

How Empanelment Works at Medilink-Globals Panel Clinic

How Empanelment Works at Medilink-Global

Medilink-Global is a MOH-registered TPA with over 20 years of experience in the industry, evolving from its paper trail days to the highly customised system harnessed today.

Back then, patients would present a booklet detailing their respective records at the clinics. Clinic staff are then responsible for sending in invoices to HQ for further authorisation.

With Medilink-Global’s latest developments, clinics can digitalise the tedious process and augment efficiency. This Electronic Claims Clearing System (ECCS) offers convenience for clinic staff to verify members’ eligibility and submit claims in real-time. 

Applying as Medilink-Global’s Panel Clinic

Practices that wish to apply can submit their request by filling up the e-form at Simply attach your Annual Practicing License (APC), Borang B, and List of Services and Facilities.

The Provider Management Team will conduct verification before proceeding to an agreement and setting up the clinic as their panel. Once the process is complete, members under the medical coverage can visit your clinic to enjoy cashless treatments.

Benefits of Empanelment

Benefits of Empanelment

The digitalisation of claims administration and management has allowed prospects to easily search for listed practices on the mobile app. This can help bring patient flow to clinics in an effective way. Moreover, HR staff can track patients’ health statuses and be notified of potential disease outbreaks from high-rise illnesses in their working environments.

Everything will be traceable, unlike the paper trail days where invoices often go missing. Why take the risk?

Old-school methods can be out of our control—the booklet may fall into the wrong hands, leading to medical abuse without status termination. As a result, the TPA must cover these invalid payments. Medilink-Global helps panels avoid such fraud by monitoring each case to prevent overspending and abuse of prolonged MC relief whilst consolidating the payment process.

All in all, you can rest easy as all data is secured, and operational support is available 24/7. 

As a partner of Medilink-Global, Mayflax is an affordable one-stop-for-all when it comes to pharmaceutical needs. Clinics can also register with Mayflax to find out the best offers on medicines for their practice.

How to become a panel clinic?

The picture of doctor

How to become a panel clinic ?

The picture of doctor

What is panel clinic ?

Panel clinic is provide medical treatment for any Insured Person under SOCSO due to ‘Employment injury ’.

‘Occupational Injury’ is known as an employee who suffers from accident or current occupational illness at their workplace.

The Insured Person known as an employer. The employer can refer to the list of clinics to receive emergency treatments. Furthermore, there are  following documents to fill in the Accident Report form, Occupational disease reports, or a cover letter from the employer.

How to register as a Panel Clinic for Insured Person ?

  1. Letter of application together with a proposal clinic and clinic profile
  2. Copy of Identity card of every doctor
  3. Copies of recognized training occupational health certificates.
  4. Copy of Form (Latest Annual Practising Certificate (APC) for every doctor)
  5. Copy of Form (Certificate of Registration)
  6. Copies of Form (Certification to Establish / Maintain / Handle / Provide Private Medical Care / Clinic)
  7. Panel List – Company or employer who appoints panel clinic.
  8. Treatment quotation.

Examples Of Occupational Health Training Certificate :-

  • Certificate In Occupational Medicine (MEDICAL PROGRESS INSTITUTE)
  • Workshop on Occupational Health  (NIOSH)
  • Graduate Diploma in Occupational Health (UKM)
  • Occupational Health Doctor (Module 1) (NIOSH)
  • Examination Doctors Health (NIOSH)
  • Occupational Health Course For Medical Practitioners (AOEM)

Insurance Benefits for Employees

Employee benefits are optional compensation rather than wages which given to employees  to their fixed payment as addition. It covers health, dentistry, vision, life, and others.

Disability income also a protection plans, retirement benefits, childcare, tuition reimbursement, sick leave, vacation, education funding, and flexible and alternative work arrangements.

However, the purpose of medical benefits for employees in Malaysia is to improve the economic security of staff members. As well as, to increase employee retention throughout the organization.

Furthermore, the employee benefits will increase the  productivity in the workplace because they feel assured.

Moreover, employees with life insurance and personal injury can also use additional coverage such as income replacement to their serious illness or serious disability.

Four common types of Medical Benefits for Employees in Malaysia

  • Medical insurance

Medical insurance plans include hospital visits, doctor visits, surgeries, prescriptions, and possibly vision and dental. Therefore, as an employer, you will cover most of the premium.

  • Life insurance

For a company, if your employee accidently dies, life insurance will provide compensation to the employee’s named beneficiaries. They will help to bear the cost of the funeral and the ongoing cost of living to employee’s family.

  • Disability Insurance

The offer has short-term and long-term disability insurance. Even if your employee is injured or suffering from chronic illness, these benefits provide a payment throughout the period your employee is unable to work. Therefore, companies can add Critical Illnesses Plans riders to GTL plans.

  • Retirement Benefits

The retirement benefits is the most common type that allows the employee to deduct the amount of salary that needs to be paid for retirement savings. Meanwhile, some companies will choose one amount to match for the deduction.

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Raihan Ridzuan, Bachelor of Science (Hons) Pharmacology, is staff officer of Mayflax, one of the nation’s leading healthcare and marketing company.


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Anxiety and Depression- Mayflax

Top 3 Reasons to Buy from Pharmaceutical Wholesaler in Malaysia

Mayflax Pharmaceutical Wholesaler Malaysia

Top 3 Reasons to Buy from Pharmaceutical Wholesaler in Malaysia

Mayflax Pharmaceutical Wholesaler Malaysia

Pharmaceutical Wholesalers Are the Heart of the Pharmaceutical Industry

A pharmaceutical wholesaler is a vital player of the pharmaceutical supply chain network in Malaysia. They ensure your healthcare facility is fully stocked with the right medicine, delivered in a timely and efficient manner.

Drugs are fast-moving necessities that are in constant demand because the truth is, people fall sick every day. Hence, healthcare professionals require their medical centres and clinics to be well-stocked with the latest medicine and medical equipment to provide the best treatment to their patients.

How can they do that in the most cost-efficient, reliable, and secure manner? One way is to go straight to the pharmaceutical manufacturer. However, in doing so, they will be missing out on all the benefits pharma wholesalers in Malaysia, such as Mayflax, has to offer.

1. Pharmaceutical Wholesaler Malaysia Gets You the Lowest Prices

Essentially, pharmaceutical wholesalers help healthcare professionals purchase prescription medicine and products in bulk from pharma manufacturers so they can both reap discounts and low prices.

Compared to buying drugs from a manufacturer or retailer, you can get the right supply you need at a much lower cost. Avoid buying in excess and wasting money on a stock you do not need just to get that discount. Pharma wholesalers will do it for you.

Furthermore, pharmaceutical distributors provide room for negotiation. Some distributors offer flexibility to their clients if there is an assurance of constant demand. So, if you seek a permanent and reliable medicine supply, you can get even lower prices along with a long-term relationship with a legitimate and trustworthy pharmaceutical wholesaler.

Moreover, at a certain amount of purchase, you do not need to worry about delivery charges. Pharmaceutical distributors will deliver your medicine in a timely, secure and efficient manner, free of charge!

2. Pharmaceutical Distributors Have Everything Under One Roof

Pharmaceutical distributors have a vast network of connections with various pharmaceutical manufacturers worldwide. Therefore, they are always stocked with a spectrum of drugs and medical products from all around the globe.

You can save time and money by shopping at just one place, instead of shopping around different providers and making multiple orders to get what you need. Pharma wholesalers work around the clock to secure all the right drugs and products are readily available for pharmacies, hospitals, long-term care facilities and other medical institutions.

Not only do they offer a long list of products, but they also provide updates on the latest medical supply information. It is their job to be in the know of all things pharmaceuticals, such as future spikes in prices or the latest innovative drug on the market. With this added value, healthcare professionals can make prior arrangements based on the latest pharmaceutical industry updates.

With the ever-changing pharmaceutical industry landscape, it can be a struggle for institutions to keep up. Worry not, just turn to pharmaceutical distributors who are more than willing to offer stock management advice and marketing strategies to healthcare professionals.

3. Ensured Low Risks with A Pharmaceutical Wholesaler

Pharma wholesalers in Malaysia require proper license and accreditation from the Ministry of Health Malaysia in order to operate. Besides that, they must comply with the principles of Good Distribution Practice (GDP) in their business conduct.

Thus, you can be assured that pharmaceutical wholesalers employ the best practices and security measures in their drug distribution from manufacturers to other medical institutions and clinics like yours

Mayflax Offers All the Benefits of a Pharmaceutical Wholesaler

At Mayflax, we offer all top three benefits to our valued clients. Our lifelong mission is to work together with healthcare professionals nationwide to create optimal patient outcomes, outstanding customer experiences, and acquire a healthy bottom line.

Contact us to know more about our pharmaceutical products and services.

You can also sign up here.

About the author

Izwan Khurshid Blog Post

Izwan Khurshid

Izwan Khurshid is the Chief Financial Officer at Mayflax.

He enjoys reading books, learning about SEO, structured data and organic traffic.

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7 Ways on How to Increase Patient Satisfaction in Your Clinic

Photo practitioner

7 Ways on How to Increase Patient Satisfaction in Your Clinic

Small changes can switch the emotion of patient satisfaction and patient retention during your practices!

An important goal for healthcare in recent years is to improve patient satisfaction at the maximum level to increase compliment from the patient to your clinic.

This will impact the image of your clinic. Successful healthcare practice is providing excellent care for your patient.

Maintaining the numbers of patients in your clinic is a difficult task to do and attracting new patients need a lot of effort, time, financial investment.

Furthermore, marketing techniques have several ways to established and referral programs that can help you in this undertaking.

Besides, satisfied patients are more likely to make follow-up appointments if they feel comfortable and happy with your services. Thus, adhere to a prescribed treatment plan, which can lead to more positive outcomes.

Read on to learn 7 ways to improve patient satisfaction at your healthcare practices.

Be punctual

Picture of clock

Punctuality shows a practitioner’s respect for a patient’s schedule. Normally the patient has a busy schedule so the doctor needs to be timely.

Healthcare staff needs to scheduling their practice if an organization is having difficulty seeing patients on time.

Besides, the post-visit patient survey on your clinic must send it out quickly within 24 to 48 hours because do not want the patient to forget about their experiences.

Obtain hard data

Patient Data


Open-ended survey questions are not appropriate because one of the main disadvantages of open-ended questions is that it takes time for the customers to write feedback in their own words and difficult to analyze and interpret data.

Better use a closed-ended survey question such as multiple choice and yes or no questions.

For example, “was the wait time reasonable, yes or no.”

Create a helpful digital presence

Picture of digital device

Create and submit survey questions digitally by using Qualtrics, SurveySparrow and others.

Because people prefer online surveys 30 times more than answers on a paper sheet.

Embracing digital platforms is crucial for a company’s competitive advantage.

However, a digital platform significantly reduces costs. This shortens the business processes and it does not require much time to be implemented.

Moreover, maintenance and upgrades aren’t very complicated.

Build a comfortable waiting area

Picture of Waiting room



Invest in a comfortable waiting room like seating places and decorations that make your waiting room more enjoyable before their appointment.

Moreover, avoid uncomfortable furniture and poor lighting in your clinic.

Instead, fill your waiting room with comfortable seating, use warm lighting to create a more calming environment, install soft music to relax patients.

When patients feel more relaxed, they will feel waiting times are no longer anymore.

Protect your patient’s privacy

Picture of Patient privacy


Many organizations wonder how to improve patient satisfaction and experience.

Most of the topics surrounding a patient’s visit to your clinic are a sensitive issue.

Therefore, your staff should understand and respect the environment in which they are speaking with a patient and try their best to conserve confidentiality.


PIcture of Empathy


Empathy is the important feeling must have in each person, is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

It’s the main asset to improve health outcomes for patients.

Thus, it also helps an organization gain the fullest understanding of the patient experience.


Staff is friendly and helpful

Picture of staf friendly and helpful


Ultimately, patients come for your friendly and pleasant medical services.

But patients also want to see someone they feel comfortable with and a doctor and staff who will be invested in their well-being.

Frankly, be mindful is not only to provide a thorough examination but to also show a warm, caring, helpful, and friendly presence.

To get maximum satisfaction from the patient, your services must be very good.

However, at Mayflax, we provide pharmaceutical products services to the customer like a clinic. We serve our customers with excellent services and delivered quickly to your healthcare. Thus, by dealing with us, you will be able to enjoy a large selection of pharmaceutical products at affordable prices.

If you want to know more about us, you can contact us or sign up here.

Healthcare practice , clinic, health, healthy, application, digital, digital platform, services, appointment,  punctual, open-ended survey questions, closed-ended survey questions, survey questions, enjoyable, relax, comfortable, privacy, satisfication, empathy, info, patient, staff, organization, friendly, helpful, caring, waiting area, waiting time.

            ABOUT THE AUTHOR


Author picture.Mayflax

Raihan Ridzuan

Raihan Ridzuan ,  Bachelor of Science (Hons) Pharmacology, is  staff officer of Mayflax , one of the nation’s leading healthcare and marketing company.


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The Benefits of Digital Signage in Your Healthcare Practice

Waiting time

The Benefits of Digital Signage in Your Healthcare Practice

In health industry, some company has outdated office look like old-school and others company are keeping up with the trend and latest technologies…The customers now likely to go to modern vibes because they feel more excitement and comfortable… So, your company still need to upgrade it?

Yes! It’s time to upgrade to a new one but at a low-cost.

You can upgrade your company with a new appearance with the simple element which is digital signage.

But nowadays, a novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2 has become a global pandemic with the uncontrollable spreading trend transmitted by ‘respiratory droplets’.

The World Health Organization (WHO) said: “there are 4.7 million new cases were reported in the past week, a decline of 6% from last week, and the number of new deaths has climbed to a record high at 93 000, a 9% increase from last week”. The increasing number of positive cases has also caused heavy pressure on hospitals and clinics.

Under the COVID-19 coronavirus condition, many hospitals now use internet technology, patient’s temperature detection, and self-service queuing kiosk to reduce the hospital clinic pressure from an online and offline perspectives.

Waiting time
Digital device

What Is Digital Signage?

Digital signage is a helpful tool for Healthcare Service. Digital signage is a media display screen that is placed in your healthcare facility to assist your staff.

The function of digital signage is to create an exciting experience for patients, increase wellness initiatives, and create a safer and more productive work environment.

It also helps healthcare staff to understand the value of using this technology to enhance the patient experience.

Thus, many clinics and hospitals began to use various forms of touchless solutions.

For example, KioWare and Asta Solution launched a solution that allowed customers to pull up a touchpad on their phones and interact with the kiosk that way. If you want to gain customers, you need to reach them on their terms.

Here’s, we give these 5 ways health clinic or hospital which can benefit from digital signage technology.

How Does Digital Signage Benefit Patients?

Reduce Patient Anxiety


Some people have an uneasy feeling if they go to the clinic or hospital especially for kids. A clinic is one of the most anxious places to be.

However, to help reduce some of the patient’s uneasily feeling like stress, the clinic can do some move like improvements to their services.

Entertainment is one of healthcare practice in digital signage are use while waiting rooms and decrease perceived wait time. Thus, it also helps calm your patient’s mind.

Moreover, digital signage providing upbeat, entertaining, and attractive content helps reduce anxiety and restlessness before their appointment.

Waiting Times

Wait times
Wait times

Digital signage ability to display multiple forms of content, in fact, digital screens are not only informative but also more pleasant and enjoyable wait.

Healthcare facilities can entertain patients and visitors by providing engaging news, shows, relevant health information, or facility updates by use digital information boards.

When digital screens with engaging content are added to waiting rooms, it will reduce the waiting time for the patients.

Hence, the long waiting time becomes faster, for example, 30-minute can feel more like a 20-minute while waiting when patients are watching high-quality content that is targeted to their wants and needs.

Build a connection to staff



The patients like to know who they are working with before they go to the clinic for the health appointment.

Besides, digital signage will introduce your patients to your staff in an interesting way.

Thus, your team can create one introduction video on digital signage showing both the professional appreciation and personality of your staff.

It helps build a strong trusting relationship with your patients.

Easy for patient to search the building




If your clinic is located in a large building or hard to find, it can be harder for visitors to navigate. You can solve this problem by using interactive maps and directories near the entrance to your location, different from static maps such as interactive wayfinding tools.

This great tool will compact and personalizes information so that your visitors or patients only see the information they need, which helps them find their way more easily and faster.

Educate patients with shares important health-related information

Health information
Health information




The knowledge you can share our educational content such as wellness tips, treatment procedures, and medical advice that will make your patients become an informative person and healthier.

Your clinic can create short Informative videos for patients to watch while waiting to see the doctor or for their prescription.

However, this application is also widely used for Patient Education, “Prevention is better than Cure”.

Healthcare practice , clinic, health, healthy, application, apps, digital, digital signage, digital health,  services, appointment, book,  maps, professional health, anxiety, anxious, mind, pleasant, info, information, wellness tips, education, mobile device, patient, connection, team, relationship, valuable times, waiting time.



Author picture.Mayflax

Raihan Ridzuan

Raihan Ridzuan ,  Bachelor of Science (Hons) Pharmacology, is  staff officer of Mayflax , one of the nation’s leading healthcare and marketing company.


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5 Tips on Reducing Patient Wait Times In Your Clinic

Photo of clinic

5 Tips on
Patient Wait Times
in Your Clinic

Photo of an empty clinic
Martha Dominguez de Gouveia

Patients easily get frustrated if they waiting for a long time to see their medical practitioner. Waiting too long in businesses may lead to an unhealthy work environment and bad experiences among patients.

Furthermore, patient wait times can impact on clinic because they have a powerful effect on overall patient satisfaction.

Meanwhile, about 5,000 patients and 97% say they are getting frustrated by having to wait in waiting rooms recently surveyed by the company Software Advice.

As well as, 8% of patients will be less frustrated if they know how long the wait would be.

Said pediatrician Justin Smith, M.D., director of primary care innovations at Cook Children’s in Fort Worth, Texas.

“As doctors, we just need to value everyone’s time,” and “Sometimes we can get in the habit of thinking our time is more important than anyone else’s, and that’s unfair and unreasonable.”

Reducing Wait Times

Fortunately, there are many efficient ways for reducing patient wait times. We need to have good strategies to solve this problem, here are the main 5 tips we found to reduce waiting time in clinics practices.

1. Collect patient information before their scheduled appointment.

Collect patient info it may seem convenient at the time of the visit. I believe preventing delays at check-in can reduce patient wait times.

Does your office staff gather insurance information and patient history when they schedule an appointment? Are patients asked to complete the necessary forms before arrival?

Prepping paperwork collection will help patients be ready for tomorrow’s appointment as soon as they arrive at the office.

Moreover, through your website or via an online patient portal, they can complete the paperwork, and time spent in a waiting room at the clinic will reduce.

2. Create and stick to a policy for no-shows and late arrivals.

The healthcare company can create a policy for dealing with patients who do not show up or arrive late for their appointments such as QueueMed,  and BookDoc.

This application will automated reminders to remind the patients of their appointment via messenger and email.

The clinic can  set a time limit for late arrivals if a patient late more than 30 minutes or no-shows and need to reschedule back. Hence, late fees will be charged for cancellation or no show-up on-time. 

These policies can emphasize that you’re doing this because you value their time as much as they do.

3. Use a mobile queue solution

Implementing a mobile queue tool are a great way to keep wait times down.

Thus, QueueMed Solutions gives the patient to arrange their wait times and at the same time, it can help you to manage patient flow.

With the current situation, this is especially important during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic due to the need to reduce the risk of transmission and observe social distancing measures.

QueueMed Solutions

Over 50,000 patients, the QueueMed Solutions have helped to improve their clinic visit experience and save their waiting times. Moreover, QueueMed provides more efficient ways to book the appointment via mobile device.

Furthermore, not only just QueueMed, there are more queue apps like a BookDoc which provides a mobile queue solution and able to search for doctors’ available time slots.

4. Divide front-desk duties

Segregate each staff to a specific job, such as phones or greetings. A smooth-running front-desk is important to successful daily operations in your clinic.

If the front-desk staff is stretched thin and not solid, some things may not be done or done properly may risk their job dissatisfaction, and can get a negative effect on how they interact with patients.

How can that problem be avoided? Besides, create an expert in charge of an area front-desk where the activities will run smoothly, there is a much better chance they will be happy and productive.

5. Using patient pre-registration

Have a clear understanding of your current registration process so that you can incorporate pre-registration into your training workflow.

As a result, with this approach, all registrations are incorporated directly into the registration software without the need for paper forms.

Pre-registration can simplify the process by collecting patient information. Besides, work as a team to determine the information you need to gather from patients during pre-registration.

Thus, you can use BookDoc App with mobile devices and internet access to book an appointment at any time from wherever you are, even when clinics are closed. The system is available 24 hours. The doctors’ portal allows you to conveniently and easily access patient information.

Hence, pre-registration can be done on the phone ahead of the appointment, or on the day of the appointment in person.

In the healthcare sector like clinics, waiting time can being a huge factor in determining patient satisfaction scores which result in repeat business and referrals.

While it is impossible to completely eliminate patient waiting times, its reduction remains possible.

Remember, a happy patient can boost their emotion to become a healthy person!

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Raihan Ridzuan ,  Bachelor of Science (Hons) Pharmacology, is  staff officer of Mayflax , one of the nation’s leading healthcare and marketing company.


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