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Boost Patient Wellness with Self-Management Tools

Self-management support is typically for those with chronic conditions to help them manage their health consistently. While self-management tools do not improve specific illnesses per se, they positively impact overall patient wellness

These tools allow patients to track their symptoms, create goals, action plans and so on. Leveraging this technique can spark curiosity in patients to learn more about their conditions. More importantly, it cultivates motivation for them to be actively involved in their healthcare.

As technology permeates healthcare, doctor-patient relationships will remain indispensable. Hence, medical practitioners should continue using the best resources to give patients compassionate care.

Self-Management support

What does Self-Management support include?

Aside from supplying information to patients, there are several other facets to consider. Doctors and clinical staff must first commit to patient-centred care, which involves:

  • Scheduling patient visits that focus more on prevention and care management than critical care.
  • Ensuring that patients understand the information and management plan (without the embellishment of too many technical terms).
  • Helping them in goal setting for a healthier lifestyle.
  • Providing proper education and materials for different cultures and health literacy levels.
  • Including the entire care team in planning, executing, and following up on patient visits.
  • Using a good clinical system to keep track of patients.

Strategies & Tools to support Patient Self-Management

Engaging patients in durable self-management habits can inspire them to take the necessary steps for health maintenance. Still, it is up to the patient on how they take care of themselves outside the clinic. Medical care providers may instead advocate wellness programs, health technology, and other effective techniques.

Patient portal registration

Patient portal registration

Accessing the patient portal enables patients to review their health data and be reminded of their doctor’s notes regarding improvements. That way, they can self-manage and even consult with providers between visits. Through direct messaging, doctors can easily adjust medications accordingly, answer questions, revise treatment plans, etc.

In short, patients can use this tool to gain more knowledge about their health while actively participating. This aspect is critical for self-management, after all.

Health apps

Since most people today spend ample time on their smartphones, healthcare practitioners can encourage patients to utilise health apps. Programmes such as fitness trackers or medication adherence apps are highly customisable to the user, making self-management more convenient and practical.

Plus, these tools often have pop-up notifications to remind users of their self-care tasks, progression and more.

Health apps

Other materials

Primary care staff may coach patients to come up with action plans, develop goal-setting worksheets, and teach them some problem-solving tactics. Offer educational materials appropriate for your diverse patients, ones they can act on and understand. Additionally, the two parties can coordinate and set agendas for each visit.

Managing illnesses, chronic or no, is never easy. Incorporating self-management support into any practice could improve doctor-patient satisfaction, and above all, build confidence in patients to lead better lives.

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