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Becoming a Panel Clinic and How Empanelment Works

Becoming a Panel Clinic and How Empanelment Works

“Panel Clinic’ refers to a clinic in agreement with a third-party administrator (TPA) for providing cashless treatment. Only the panel clinic network offers a cashless facility, which means patients can walk into any listed practice across Malaysia and get treated without paying upfront personally then claiming from the company after.

Panel Clinic and How Empanelment Works

What is a TPA?

A third-party administrator is an organisation that manages a panel clinic’s healthcare claims, whether it is processing patients’ insurance claims or certain facets of employee benefit plans for a separate entity.

Fundamentally, we can consider this outsourcing the administration of claims processing. 

Did you know that a good 60% of business clinics are engaged under these corporate panel clients? Non-panel clinics that have not agreed to the TPA terms and conditions cannot cover members seeking treatment. Thus, patients will have to pay for the treatment and later claim as per the usual procedure.

How Empanelment Works at Medilink-Globals Panel Clinic

How Empanelment Works at Medilink-Global

Medilink-Global is a MOH-registered TPA with over 20 years of experience in the industry, evolving from its paper trail days to the highly customised system harnessed today.

Back then, patients would present a booklet detailing their respective records at the clinics. Clinic staff are then responsible for sending in invoices to HQ for further authorisation.

With Medilink-Global’s latest developments, clinics can digitalise the tedious process and augment efficiency. This Electronic Claims Clearing System (ECCS) offers convenience for clinic staff to verify members’ eligibility and submit claims in real-time. 

Applying as Medilink-Global’s Panel Clinic

Practices that wish to apply can submit their request by filling up the e-form at Simply attach your Annual Practicing License (APC), Borang B, and List of Services and Facilities.

The Provider Management Team will conduct verification before proceeding to an agreement and setting up the clinic as their panel. Once the process is complete, members under the medical coverage can visit your clinic to enjoy cashless treatments.

Benefits of Empanelment

Benefits of Empanelment

The digitalisation of claims administration and management has allowed prospects to easily search for listed practices on the mobile app. This can help bring patient flow to clinics in an effective way. Moreover, HR staff can track patients’ health statuses and be notified of potential disease outbreaks from high-rise illnesses in their working environments.

Everything will be traceable, unlike the paper trail days where invoices often go missing. Why take the risk?

Old-school methods can be out of our control—the booklet may fall into the wrong hands, leading to medical abuse without status termination. As a result, the TPA must cover these invalid payments. Medilink-Global helps panels avoid such fraud by monitoring each case to prevent overspending and abuse of prolonged MC relief whilst consolidating the payment process.

All in all, you can rest easy as all data is secured, and operational support is available 24/7. 

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