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Internal Medicine Practitioners: How to Differentiate Yourself from Other Doctors

Internal Medicine Practitioners

Called the generalist of generalists, the internal medicine (IM) doctor has a job scope that is not easy to explain or differentiate. Interestingly, IM doctors work as primary caregivers in settings similar to family medicine practitioners or general practitioners. As a result, this can blur the lines between the two for patients looking for a specific type of care.

You could be an IM doctor fresh out of residency looking to plan ahead, or a full-fledged IM practitioner working at a hospital. Regardless, there are ways you can differentiate yourself from other doctors.

How to Differentiate Yourself from Other Doctors

Know the Edge You Have Over Others

Due to the nature of your training, you would have acquired (and are still acquiring) vast knowledge of most injuries and diseases. Focusing on preventive methods and executing treatment plans, you know exactly what’s best for your patients. As an IM doctor, you are also well-prepared to solve anything from the common cold to complex chronic diseases.

Here’s a closer look at some things that patients would consider when choosing the right doctor. As an IM doctor, these benefits are part and parcel of your practice:

1. Continuum of Care

Because preventive measures and treatment plans are your specialties, you’ll be able to guide them through every step of their journey towards better health. General practitioners or family doctors treat a patient’s symptoms. Unlike them, you treat a patient as a whole.

A regular physical exam could reveal several issues that may pose a threat to your patient’s health. However, instead of just giving surface-level advice, your mission is to see them through. This mission includes diagnosis, testing, follow-up, and forming the best healthcare treatment plan for them.

Know the Edge You Have Over Others

2. Complications are Addressed Quickly

As you work closely with every patient, you will understand their entire medical history. Not only their struggles but also their concerns are clear to you. Additionally, should any complications arise, you won’t need to waste time familiarizing yourself with their case. Combine this with your mastery of the inner workings of all organ systems, and your patients will get the best possible care in the shortest amount of time.

3. Specialisation in Multi-system Disease Conditions

Patients having chronic illnesses involving various systems will find that what you have to offer is invaluable. Unlike you, single-organ disease specialists may not be trained or equipped to diagnose them. In these cases, your expertise will come in handy to form the best possible treatment plan.

An internal medicine practitioner clearly has much to offer. Their natural disposition towards lifelong learning sets them apart. More than anything, their passion for working closely with patients is what makes them truly unique. These traits help an IM doctor provide quality care to patients. Therefore, it’s not surprising that they are often successful in helping patients through their toughest medical journeys.

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